Technology and Equipment:
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  • The SSS Department staff is connected to each other through the district’s intranet. Campuses are totally networked through the Internet, allowing them to access state and federal regulation sites, as well as allowing students to do research. 
  • Every SSS classroom has at least two computers and a printer for student and teacher use; ancillary staff has at least one computer and printer for the same purposes. 
  • Each campus has been provided a laptop computer and LCD projector to be used during Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. 
  • Specialized equipment (assistive technology) for individual students, such as auditory trainers and physical therapy devices, is also available for utilization. 
  • To implement transition services for secondary students’ independent living program, kitchen appliances such as stoves and refrigerators are utilized. 
  • The Preschool has age-appropriate toilet facilities and playground equipment for the 3-4 year old students with developmental delays. Ramps, handicapped toilets, and handrails are available, as well as specialized equipment such as seatbelts, car seats, and wheelchair lifts that are installed on buses.
  • TieNet is the web-based IEP program used in Portales Municipal Schools
  • Powerschool is the district’s student information system
  • STARS (Student Teacher Accountability Reporting System) is used for districts to submit data to the NMPED.
  • Visions is the computer program used for personnel and financial matters.
  • Two separate databases for SSS student information are maintained in the SSS office to assure accuracy in reporting data and providing services to students as written in IEPs.
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