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Welcome to the Lindsey-Steiner Elementary School Health Page!

Hi there! I am Jody Paden BSN, RN, and I am currently the school nurse here at Lindsey-Steiner Elementary. This is my 6th year caring for the 5th and 6th graders. I have been with the Portales School District for 6 years. I have been a Registered Nurse since 2010, earning my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in 2017 through Chamberlain College of Nursing. 

Jody Paden, BSN, RN
1000 N. Ave M
575-356-7060 ext 1202
[email protected]

As our home page suggests please help me care for your child by contacting me if your child has:
• any chronic or acute illnesses
•  new medication or change in medication dosage
•  life-threatening or new allergy
• serious injury requiring hospitalization, or a diagnosed head concussion
• an injury requiring casting, sutures, a splint, or mobility assistance of crutches or wheelchair

Please be in touch at any time to share important information that may impact your child. Especially updating the phone numbers on your child’s school record so the nurse can always reach you.

Please keep your child home when the following symptoms are present:
•Temperature of 100.4 degrees F or greater within the past 24 hours
•Vomiting or diarrhea occurring within the past 24 hours
•Strep infections of any kind, untreated ringworm, conjunctivitis, or impetigo. These are all contagious infections, and must be treated with medication for at least 24 hours before returning to school
•Rash of unknown origin - this may indicate many different things and should be checked by your pediatrician 

We ask parents/guardians to notify their school nurse if their child has any medical problems such as allergies, experiencing a stressful situation, chronic illness, vision or hearing difficulties, recent surgery etc. The school nurses will work with the child’s physician, parent and other school personnel to meet special health needs in school so that the child may benefit from his/her educational program.

Medication Requirements
District policy does not permit students to self-administer OTC (i.e. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, allergy or cold medicine) or prescribed medications (daily meds) during school. Documentation from the child’s physician and parent/guardian signature is required for all medications administration during school hours. Medication forms are available here on the website. 

Important Information on Flu
Flu Guide for Parents

 On any given day, you will find the school nurse:
•Assessing and following up on acute and chronic health issues.
•Screening student's vision and hearing
•Coordinating and administrating medications to students
•Tracking immunizations
•Managing communicable diseases for the school 
•Writing and revising school health policies to reflect best evidence-based nursing practice
•Managing medical emergencies at the school
•Educating staff regarding student's health issues and requirements
•Coordinating and collaborating with parents and community health providers

Head Lice
Parents of the child who has head lice are notified. The student may return to school next day if treated. Portales Municipal Schools does not have a "no nit" policy.

All 5th graders will watch a short video "Always Changing" regarding the different changes the human body goes through during Puberty. The boys are separated from the girls during this training. The girls are taught by Jody Paden, BSN, RN school nurse. The boys are taught by Mr. Harris and Mr. Marquez. Parents will be notified prior to the training. The video will be available to review and/or parents may attend the training. 
Upcoming Events

Flu Vaccination Clinic 
HPV Clinic
Puberty/Hygiene Training
Heart Start Training

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